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What to Feel Excited for When You Have a Trip to Semarang

Having a trip to semarang is not even the last thing to cross your mind when thinking about going to Indonesia for holiday. This could be the first time you hear of the city, perhaps. Semarang receives less recognition from the international communities of traveler, having been overshadowed by others. Even among Indonesians alone the city is no more popular than being the capital of the Province of Central Java. So if you are a westerner having heard of the city for the first time, it should come as no surprise that you wonder why you are getting a suggestion to go there.

The reason is pretty straightforward: a trip to semarangindonesia is a trip to an area so fully covered in rich culture and a short retreat to the past. If you can just set some time aside to make it to the city, your attempt will be worth it. The city may not appear to offer much in terms of tourism but the ones it does have are more than enough to satisfy you both physically and mentally. The city has challenging landscape that a park is set on a mountain featuring physical activities to cater to not only individuals but also families. The cultural heritage is thick in the city, a fact which may appeal to those seeking a holiday experience rich in history.

It also does not take too much time to get to Semarang. A trip to semarangjakarta, for example, only takes anywhere between 10 to 12 hours by train. This of course depends on the traffic. During public religious holidays, the highway connecting Semarang with Jakarta might be flooded with vehicles so make sure you avoid said dates to have a comfortable journey. Its position at the north part of Java Island places Semarang at a comfortable proximity relative to other major cities in the island. It is close to Yogyakarta (another culturally rich city), Bandung, and Surabaya as well. A trip to Semarang from Bali could be lengthy as it means you need to travel at a rather larger distance. So, what to expect once you arrive at Semarang?

1.     A city that features historical landmarks

Religious sites, old-style buildings, cafes and bars with retro-feels; once you land your feet in Semarang, you will be almost instantaneously enveloped in an aura of the old world. Semarang was a point where variegated ethnic groups converged in the past. Traders and merchants flocked to the city harbor and then settled down there. Dutch colonialists also settled down in the city, further presenting variations in the gene pool that makes up the city’s demography today.

2.     An Old Town region full of uniqueness

Semarang’s Old Town is an enclave of historical buildings. Most of these buildings have existed from the colonial days and some even are still in operation today. It is where you can find cafés and restaurants that are housed in buildings bearing classical architectural designs.

3.     New culinary gems

Try lumpia and ayampenyet to mention some of said gems.



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