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Suggestions of Medan Accommodation and Transportation while Traveling to Medan

Indonesia has a lot of awesome destinations. The destinations are found in the islands all around the country.  Thousands of destinations can be found and they are great to enjoy. In this case, one of the great destinations can be found in North Sumatera, especially Medan. This town offers great experiences of enjoying great nature, culture and many other things. North Sumatera and Medan has become so famous for its awesome lake. There is Lake Toba located in North Sumatera and this can be accessed from Medan easily. The lake has become so famous, even it is one of the best destinations in the world. There are awesome things to find around the land. There are also many historical and cultural sites found in Medan itself. All of these great destinations can be enjoyed with the great medan accommodation that can be found in all around the town. Even, comfortable accommodation can also be found around the Toba Lake.

Talking about the references of medan accommodation, it will also be important to talk about the transportation. Since Medan and its province offers one of the world famous destination, it will not be strange to find many tourists from all over the world. Foreign tourists come to enjoy the great destinations in Medan and around the town. To facilitate them, there has been Kualanamu International Airport that will be the best access for foreign and domestic tourists. For visiting the destinations, there are some buses, taxi, and travel agents. It will not be too difficult to find travel agent that can take the tourists to all great places in Medan and North Sumatera. When they are going  to use public transportation, it is better to set price before taking the service. As the alternative, it is better to choose the metered taxi, so it is possible to get the price directly.

For the suggestions and references of medan accommodation, it is possible to get the great accommodation. Since Medan is big town, there are some great hotels and many alternative accommodations. Price ranges also vary, and this is great for tourists, so it is better to get the most suitable accommodation.

  • In this case, for accommodation in Medan, there is JW Marriott Hotel as the first suggestion of accommodation. This hotel is great and one of the best one in Medan. The hotel offers great views of the town from the swimming pool deck. There is open air pool deck that will enable the visitors to enjoy the awesome view of Medan. Shuttle is also provided to get easier access to reach several destinations.
  • For tourists who want to visit Lake Toba, there are actually some guest houses also to choose. if they want to get interaction with the local people, they can go to Samosir Island located in the center of the lake. They can stay in the Tuk Tuk village. Staying in this village is good option for tourists who want to enjoy the great life with interaction and great nature. Enjoying Toba Lake is also possible to do. Walking around and wandering can also be refreshing moments.

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